Faith Afolabi Boboye OYEDELE, fondly called FAB is a transformational speaker who is passionate about teenagers, youths and young adults becoming total beings. She looks forward to imparting her generation at any given opportunity by informing and educating them on the best ways to replicate better versions of themselves in order to be prepared for every opportunity they come across.

Opportunity lost cannot be regained but it will be an even bigger disappointment if such opportunity or an even greater one comes up but is lost again due to lack of diligence and preparedness. This is a situation that most people rather not see themselves in and FAB has decided to use all within her arsenal to prevent such from happening to those she can reach or come across.

FAB sees life as an opportunity that must never be taken for granted or wasted and believes that whatever is done between ages 13 and 30 will either make or mar an individual’s life. Therefore, it is necessary to try to influence as many people as possible, especially within that age bracket through proper and effective mentoring, direction and motivation regardless of previous actions, choices and decisions, be it negative or not.

As long as there is life, there is hope for a better future and it will be a shame to think or believe that anyone is beyond improvement, support or transformation. Life is a choice. You may not determine what happens in it but you decide how you choose to react and respond to every trial you face and eventually, what becomes of you. It may be extremely tough but not impossible and it is important to never allow susceptibilities limit or define you.

My vision is to fulfil my God given purpose of existence and to die empty. My philosophy is a quote of John Emerich Edward Dalberg which reads, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Therefore, it is important to never take the fame and opportunity that God has given for granted as it is just a mere privilege bestowed upon us for the divine purpose He has ordained us to individually pursue.

Faith is the CEO of FABSPEAKS Limited, Founder of The Sought Out Generation Foundation, President of FABSPEAKS Limited and a Public Relations Expert in a reputable Organization. She has her Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University Nigeria, BSc. in Mass Communication from Bowen University Nigeria, Leadership Skills Certification from HP Consulting LTD, Social Media Expert Certificate from Macly Global Services, Community Journalist YALI Certified, Developing, Mentoring and Supporting Youth Leadership YALI Certified, among others.