FABSPEAKS is initiated to be a constant medium of communication with teenagers and young adults on how best to rightly position themselves in order to take hold of every opportunity they come across. It is purposed to be a form of guidance for young people towards becoming useful and successful in life. Its establishment is to help address and correct the wrong philosophies, values and ways of life of the youths in order to redirect their focus onto activities and actions that will make them valued and fulfil their purpose of existence.

FABSPEAKS started as a bi-monthly online magazine in July, 2020. It was uploaded on social media and shared with friends and family. It has now been registered as FABSPEAKS Limited with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a company with many features, not just as an online magazine. 


Her vision is to address and correct the wrong philosophies and ideologies of teenagers and young adults in order to replicate better and useful versions of themselves.


Her mission is to constantly use the various available channels of communication to help teenagers and young adults express their concerns and seek support and solutions to whatever problems and enquiries they may have all with the purpose of redirecting them towards becoming better versions of themselves.